Luminescent Sound did a great job at my wedding in August. There were so many companies that we worked with during the wedding planning process that painted a pretty picture but ended up letting us down. But those guys really went above and beyond. I had a no-play list and a must-play list (self-proclaimed OCD). They played every song we requested and kept within the genres we wanted. Everyone said the DJ is an important aspect of the night and I didn’t realize how right everyone was. They were funny and outgoing; they kept the events of the night flowing smoothly. I told them in our first meeting that I wanted to play a slideshow. But during the chaos of the wedding preparation I forgot to grab my laptop out of my room. They ran to my room, got my laptop, and hooked up the sound. I didn’t have to worry about a thing. It was really awesome. I’d recommend them to anyone who wants a DJ that pays attention to details, the crowd, and keeps guests moving!

-- Eric & Tegan S.

My wedding was over a year ago and I've been to 6 other weddings since then. I believe that most people that make being a wedding DJ/MC their chosen profession can keep almost any party moving without any major train wrecks. The guys from Luminescent Sound stood out because they didn't take over our wedding. They made the night about Michelle and I sharing our happiness with our loved ones, not about two guys MC'ing a party for Dave and Michelle after their wedding. They were involved with our guests and blended into our group and also were able to not be distracting when that was called for. I'd recommend these guys again and again to anyone. Plus they made the party after my wedding one that everyone still talks about at all my other relative's weddings. 

-- Dave & Michelle R.